Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Intro

There's always a story about a gang of friends.. how they met each other, their first hangout, how the secret sharing began and how they became a bunch of inseparable friends, a second family.
Our story isn't that unusual, but I wouldn't mind sharing it.
our gang, as we call ourselves "Fantastic Five" sometimes.. got together during the second year of college.
Ereena, Farzana( me!) , Shruti, Shruti & Shweta..
Me and Ereena became best friends during the first year when we both were having tough times. We kinda connected in a way that was purely conspired by universe. (I'll share our story some other day too).
Shruti - Shweta, are both besties since their childhood days, did everything together,  thus ended up in college together too.
and Shruti or Googly if i should say to avoid the confusion, landed here by chance, being in sync with shruti shweta and their other friends during the first year.
The first year ended with us five realizing that we weren't the type of girls in our class.. not a single mind out of the 40 odd girls made us feel like "wow, we are so alike!"
In fact, the girls made us go like"Eew" or give looks that I can't describe in words! to be precise, we were a bunch not meant to be in this place.. in this college with these girls!
After some joint chat sessions during lunch breaks and after class gossiping, we  realized we began to be a "group" the change was so much better and It happened just like that!
We shared common interests (major one being an obsession of getting"clicked" ), liked similar things, had a special fondness for anything fashion, loved bunking, were being envied by them other girls and of course, were all cool , in a REAL sense!
Soon we became the Last benchers, often miffed with the lecturers who specially "hated" us and became the favorites of the great lecturers who were "hated" by the people who hated us!
 The strong bond of our friendship grew stronger over the year and now we are like "sisters" :)

And this blog is for sharing all our moments together, the good and the bad.. happy and sad (lame, i know :P )
We share a world together, and would be sharing "our world" with the world now =)



  1. Nostalgic, lovely cherishing memories :-)

  2. Ooh, I so adore the concept of this blog - can't wait to read more!! :)

  3. Good Starting ...
    waiting for more good posts from you ,
    all the best ,
    keep going . . .

  4. kindly remove the word verification in the post a comment .. .

  5. Great. Waiting to hear the stories. Its nice to see a blog dedicated to friendship and the journeys it makes.
    Keep writing!