Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Fall

18th August, 2010. Did not realise what god had in package for this day. It started off as normal, going to college, before the class chats,compliments, rants and comments, ' you look great in that top' 'hey, your eyeliner looks perfect today' ' I look sick' 'I want a pair of sexy stockings, these leggings are so damn boring yea!' And 'shweta should've come, she'll miss d amazing pics we're gonna click today'. The first lecture started, it was an unexpected class, 'OB in first lecture? Since when?' Learned later that the timetable had changed, again. Half of d class was missing today cuz of d viva in ob which was due today. Ma'am decided to postpone it and started with dictating notes. She saw 'her' sitting alone, went up to her and asked her if she was ok, why she seemed upset, but then switched back to subject after cold replies from her. We all glanced over the first seat near the window which has a great view in d morning and then we looked away. Got too busy with our own world. The first lecture ended, second started. Only person missing in the class was 'her'. Must've gone to the water cooler, some said. And again, we got busy in the class. A few mins later, we heard one of our lecturer scream 'ARE YOU MAD, what are you doing there!!?'  we laughed thinking how she usually says 'am I mad' when scolding us and wondered what special thing made her replace 'I' with 'you', little did we realising the panic in her voice or heard her hurried steps through the corridor. The next thing I heard was a scream. Everyone was running around trying to get a glimpse of what happened. In the midst of a chaos, I learned 'SHE' had jumped off the balcony. That girl sitting in the front seat in the first lecture..
Our class is on the 2nd floor. We were shocked. How could that happen? What can make her take such a step, suicide? NO!
All these thoughts were in the mind for some fractions of seconds still seemed like hours long! then one by one all d lecturers came to us, scolded,explained things, questioned, how could 'we' let that happen.. How I wanted to say, we never wanted that to happen. Not even to the person we *disliked* so much.
I never talked to her since the final year started, infact d last conversation that I remember was a year back, standing outside the faculty room, that too was too short to remember.
'She' must have had a lot of things going in her mind, none of her friends attended college today, then was she here for this only? We all wondered, still in deep shock.
Later we learned she was rushed to the hospital immediately after the fall, and suffered fractures, in the legs and the backbone. She survived it.
The gossip mills had already started. The news spread in the college like wildfire. Reached even the co ed campus in no time, thanks to the banned cell phones in the college which did the good work. Amidst all the mess, there was one person who tried her best to get our minds off the incidents. She narrated so many incidents, funny but all real, and literally we felt like she's such a wonderful, positive and ever smiling person!
Getting back to 'that girl who jumped off the balcony', there were no stories as to why had she done all that.
She's been on my mind all day, though I didn't see her do the act, every time I close my eyes to sleep I see her face, soaked in tears, her sobs, and then the fall. *shivers*
Today has given me so much thinking.
But, this day had a lesson for us. For the girls who get depressed so easily, and keep slipping into it. We need to look over the situations from the point of view of those who love us, what they would go through if we take such extreme steps. What 'her' life would be like now.. And realise, whatever it is, if God gets you to it, he gets you though it.

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